Inspire Mentoring Awards 2019



The 3rd Annual Inspire Mentoring Awards event aims to recognize individuals in our community who have made a meaningful impact through mentoring. Mentoring takes places across the community in many ways beyond Big Brothers Big Sisters Programs. This event will celebrate mentors who come from all walks of life and who mentor all demographics of people! Nominate a business leader, teacher, coach, public service member, entrepreneur, neighbour, artist, athlete, family member or one of many others who are amazing mentors who inspire others to achieve their goals. Mentors have a profound influence on people of all ages and contribute to brighter futures, increased educational and occupational opportunities and stronger communities. The Inspire Awards will celebrate the individuals in our community who are dedicated to mentoring through the following awards:

  • INSPIRE Youth (15 to 24 years of age) – This individual demonstrates an interest in sharing of time, talent, and energy for the betterment of the community; leads by example; models leadership within their own peer group or with younger children.
  • INSPIRE Imagination – This individual fosters imagination, creativity, artistry, innovation, vision, resourcefulness or entrepreneurship within the community, and motivates others as a champion of life-long learning.
  • INSPIRE Leadership – This individual challenges others to grow; encourages personal development of others; leads by example; and encourages others to pursue their talents.
  • INSPIRE Community Spirit – This individual fosters the development and strength of the community or country, shares time, talent, and energy for the betterment of the community by promoting peace and community spirit through advocacy or volunteer efforts.
  • THE JAMES K. IRVING Lifetime Distinction in Mentoring Award – This individual is recognized for their years of advocacy work for mentoring in our community. Their impact is longstanding and has the potential to impact the future of mentoring in a number of capacities for many years to come.

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