Durham Ross Curran Laporte

Durham was a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, he loved working with kids to help them find their purpose.

He was a camp counsellor; he enjoyed going to summer camp and he loved working at the camps as a counsellor.

He was an excellent entertainer who regaled many with his stories and made people smile, laugh and just feel good. Durham possessed a determination that once he set his mind to a project, he was going to see it through to the end no matter the obstacles. Durham’s compassion and generosity fueled his family and friend’s desire to help others.

Durham was a storyteller, and he was funny! His passion was comedy. He was witty, bright, and always had good timing. He always engaged and entertained everyone he met. We truly believe he is continuing this practice on the other side.

We have partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to assist children to experience the joy of going to camp.

                                     Durham’s family wants to continue to spread joy and love in Durham’s honour.


Thank you to Durham’s family for keeping Durham’s memory alive through their generous donations to send kids to camp each year! Big Brothers Big Sisters Staff, Board & Families

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Spreading Durham’s Legacy, One Book at a Time 

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