Dress Different Day 2021

Dress Different Day is next week!

YOU can help by getting involved while working in your workplace, at home or any other location. It only takes some creativity, one day & a small donation. You can support mentoring matches & help ensure the personal connection that is so very much needed by young people at this very difficult time.

It’s simple…just pick a day next week (Feb 22 – 26), gather your friends, family, students and/or co-workers to take part in our “dress different day” fundraiser. Our 2021 twist on this event involves dressing differently than you normally would for your workday. Sign up as a group, organization, school or individual! Make a donation of your choice & tag us on social media for a chance to win prizes!

Our mentoring programs help youth build skills & confidence that promote academic success which in turn, produces more high school graduates; promote healthy lifestyles & positive body image; produce more giving and civic-minded adults; & help ensure youth are more likely to be employed as adults.

Can you give a day to help our youth reach their full potential?