Dress Different Day

How can you Spark potential?

During the week of Feb 14 -18 round up your friends, family, students and co-workers to join Big Brothers Big Sisters for their “Dress Different Day” fundraiser. It’s easy! A fun and flexible way to support mentoring for young people in your community.

Dress Different for Big Brothers Big Sisters” is making a comeback in 2022 as we continue to navigate pandemic regulations for our typical casual day fundraiser! Dress up, dress down, choose a theme (Disney, Sports, Celebrity, etc), wear your pajamas at home or throw your Halloween costume on…whatever you normally do for your work-day, do something different. Sign up as a group, organization, school or individual! Pick the day (s) that work best for you. All funds raised will go directly to support our In -School Mentoring Programs that continue to take place virtually and in-person when possible.

Our mentoring programs have been proven to: help youth build skills and confidence that promote academic success which in turn, produces more high school graduates; promotes healthy lifestyles and positive body image; produces more giving and civicminded adults; and helps ensure youth are more likely to be employed as adults.

Can you give a day to help our youth reach their full potential? A gift from your office through support of Dress Different Day will go a very long way in providing children with support from a caring adult mentor. This supportive friendship allows a young person to open their eyes to what could be possible for them! Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Your support in this event will ensure that young people are connected through mentoring to personal growth and development as well as social and economic oppor-tunity.

For more information: 635-1145 or Rhoda.welshman@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca or Laurie.collins@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca.